Lisa has worked with me for about 3 years as a personal senior fitness coach. She has demonstrated great patience with me, and is cognizant of my age-related limitations. She has always brought to our sessions fresh, innovative exercises to challenge me without my hurting. It is abundantly clear that she expends time and energy in researching and crafting the appropriate regimen for my age and physical health.

Beyond her serious commitment to her profession and her deep and continuing education and training, she is fun to work with. She greets me smiling, has great encouragement skills, and leaves me feeling better about my physical and mental self. I count myself fortunate to be one of her clients.

— Bonnie

Dear Lisa (my special friend), You made me laugh and smile. I am so happy you came into my life. You taught me and supported me to walk again by exercising in your classes. I’ll miss you, with your smiling face.

— Cindy

Whether teaching a class or providing individual training, Coach Lisa’s approach to fitness incorporates safety, balance, strength training, and fun. Music comes into play. Coach Lisa’s knowledge of the human body is amazing. Continuing to add to that knowledge, is a passion of hers—a huge benefit to those of us who include her in our life of being all we can be.

— Marcia

I was feeling like I was well on my way on the road to recovery after my stroke. The dark days of hospitalization were followed by lots of physical therapy and occupational therapy in a wonderful skilled nursing facility. After I got home, my daughter hired some very professional caregivers for me. The caregivers looked after my every need—except one. They did not know how to keep me in tip-top shape now that I am wheelchair bound. The weaker I became, the more discouraged I became. I hit it off with Coach Lisa right away. She has taken my fitness level well past what I thought possible. I can do more for myself and my outlook on life is much improved.

— John

Thank you so much for the training that I have received. What you have taught me about living with osteoarthritis is invaluable. Your insights have improved the quality of my life exponentialy. It is so useful to know the psychological issues as well as the health and fitness possibilities for coping with a chronic pain condition. I look forward to our sessions, knowing that when I leave each session I’ll be taking new information and movement training with me that will broaden my horizons both firguratively and literally.

— Flora

Dear Lisa, Each class you bring your unbounded enthusiasm and energy. What a blessing it has been for us, for me. You are one-of-a-kind—a good kind.

— Gary

Lisa Stuebing is an excellent fitness trainer. She challenges you to do your best in a positive and encouraging way. She is very knowledgeable and will research any special needs. My husband has Parkinson’s and she designed special workouts to help him with strength and balance. We highly recommend Lisa.

— Kathy

Bob was not very disciplined about his exercise routine. However, he and I, thoroughly enjoyed having you come. I think that you have an ingenious program!

— Betty

Lisa’s passion coupled with her vast wealth of knowledge, creates a wonderful learning environment that provides life-changing opportunities for class participants and clients. She truly cares for her clients and class participants, and wants to help them achieve their health goals. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa for the last couple of years, and always appreciate her wonderful attitude, expertise, and thoughtful perspective.

— Lisa Mitchell, Arthritis Foundation, Great West Region, Program Coordinator, Consumer Health

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to acknowledge what an amazing class you have built up in Lake City. It is clear that your skills in developing community as well as teaching have had a huge impact on the class.

Claudine Wallace

Program Manage, Lake City-Northgate Senior Center Project